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Adventure Of Your Lifetime
Cave BASE 2002

[By Mark Lichtle and Aerial Extreme]

Sótano de las Golondrinas, Cave of the Swallows, is a magical and wondrous place located deep in the mountains of the Mexico rain forest. From the alien like landscape at the bottom to the thousands of migrating swallows to the ancient heritage of local villagers, Sótano de las Golondrinas is truly a mystical world.
With overhung walls and a freefall depth of over 1,100 feet, this rugged environment has become host to BASE jumpers from around the world, jumpers who are looking to challenge themselves and their skills. Nowhere else in the world can you jump such an object as formidable as this. With an opening of only 160 feet across at the top and a base of over 6 acres, this is truly an object to prize.
Shaped like a bell and with such internal mass, the entire Empire State building could fit inside. And because the opening is completely overhung, one needs to rappel nearly 1,200 feet before reaching the mossy green cave floor, a task horrifying to the novice and mandatory to members of this expedition.

2-way into the caveCanopy ride inside the cave
All photos © 2001 Aerial Extreme

Due to the caves unique structure, it looks at first assessment that to jump this object would be BASE suicide. The walls appear shear at best, leaving you with the impression that the bottom is no larger than the top. Only after you have rappelled deep within the heart of the cave does it begin to reveal its true size.
But before anyone can even enter the cave, one must be properly instructed on how to use the many pieces of specialized climbing and ascending equipment necessary to get in and out of the cave safely.
For most people, this adventure will introduce them to new areas of challenge. The first of which is a 1,200-foot rappel. Because of the cave's overhung walls, the only way out is by rope. After a 10-15 minute rappel, each jumper will explore the cave floor. Becoming familiar with the diverse terrain is very important as the cave changes from a flat floor perspective at 300 feet above, to a rugged slope with large boulders.

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What happened at this year's World Freefall Convention?
Read our article "Who killed the Magic of Quincy?"

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