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Photo © 2000 Ahti Kangas
Photo © 2000 Ahti Kangas


The Creativity Quest
Contest and Giveaway

This is quite a long and messy winter, at least for most skydivers in North America and North Europe, and no end in sight. Are you, too, experiencing something like this right now--no, or hardly any, jumps. The craving is unbearable sometimes and the mood is "down cellar" on the weekends? Put your Prozac away and dig up your creativity! C'mon, it's there, we know it is! There is no such thing as an uncreative skydiver! So...
Get ready for another skyXtreme giveaway! Once again, Joe Jennings has donated copies of his video "Good Stuff". But that's not all. You can also win a copy of the brand new BASE video "Beyond Extreme", donated by two Australian BASE jumpers and videographers, Tom Begic and Dwain Weston. Check out the videos at our giveaway page.
This time it's not a birthday party, but here's your chance to grab a video with "Cool Stuff Beyond Extreme"! It's a Creativity Party and you actually have to do something for that. Best thing is you can win TWICE! Here's what you have to do to participate in the price drawing. Chose the category [Graphic, Website, Story] that suits you best, and send us ONE of the following:
1. Graphic:
A skydiving/BASE photo, taken by you - you must have the copyright or at least the permission of the photographer to use it! BUT that would be too easy! Here it comes...get your graphic editing software ready and play with it! Alter the photo, give your fellow skydivers wings or horns, let them do 4-ways with animals or aliens. Or how about changing the jumpship on the photo into a tailgate submarine? Be artsy, surreal, weird, creative!

Bubble Flight        Jumping E.T.
      © 2000 @nne/Marc Bachmann                        © 2000 Andy Angerer

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*** Note ! ***

Once again, this month's skyXtreme is a double issue. The editors will be traveling to Europe in March and, before and after the trip, will be already working on the April issue. Nonetheless, we will update certain categories in this issue during March. So check back frequently!

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Last Update: April 23, 2001

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