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Freeflying at the Canadian 2002 Nationals

A freeflying event will be offered at the 2002 Nationals held at the Eden North Parachute Schools in Canada, August 17 to 25, 2002. The CSPA [] announced the following the rules for the event.
1. Event Objective: The objective for the team is to record a sequence of moves in freefall within working time with the highest possible merit/score.
2. Entry Requirement: In order to qualify to enter this event, competitors must be able to show signed logbook entries documenting at least ten freeflying team or group jumps.
3. Teams shall be three persons of which two shall be performers and one a videographer. There will be no distinction as to male/female categories. Teams may register one alternate who may participate as either a performer or a videographer.
4. Number of jumps, altitude and working time: Each team will make four jumps consisting of two compulsory routines and two free routines to be performed in this order C F F C (C = compulsory, F = free). Two rounds will constitute a valid event. Exit altitude will be 13,000 ft. AGL with a working time of 45 seconds.
5. Exit Procedures: There is no limitation on the exit other than those imposed by the Chief Pilot for safety reasons.
6. The Draw:
6.1 The compulsory routine will consist of four sequences of compulsory moves drawn from the pool as described in the FAI Addendum of freeflying moves.
6.2 The Chief Judge will supervise the draw of compulsory moves. Teams will be given not less than one hour notice of the results before competition commences.
7. Scoring: Scoring will be in accordance with the procedures as laid out in the 2002 FAI rules for Freeflying.
8. Judging Procedures:
8.1 A panel of three judges will evaluate each performance.
8.2 The judges will watch each jump twice at normal speed. Portions of the jump may be viewed in slow motion if requested by a judge. The second viewing may be waived if all judges agree it is not necessary.
8.3 Working time commences when a Team Member leaves the aircraft. At the end of working time, freeze frame of the image will be applied.
8.4 After viewing, each judge will give a preliminary score of the performance. If in the opinion of the Event Judge there is an unacceptable difference between any scores, the judges may confer. After conferring, any judge may change their score.
8.5 The score for each round will be calculated by taking the average of the three judges scores rounded to the first decimal.
9. Determination of Winners: The accumulated total of the scores for all completed rounds is the final score for the Team. The Team with the highest final score will be declared the winner.
10. The 2000 FAI Freeflying rules will be used for further clarification and to resolve any questions for the conduct of this event.

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