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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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Freefly Money Meet at Skydive Arizona
February 2-3, 2002

The sixth Freefly Money Meet will take place at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, USA, February 2-3 and it will come along with a lot of fun. There will be organized jumps, tube jumps and skyball jumps as well as 16,000 ft. Skyvan jumps with two for $18.00 for registered competitors.
The competition features an open class and intermediate class. The open class registration is $175 per person or $525 per 3-way team. There will be seven rounds. Intermediate class registration is $145 per person or $435 per 3-way team.There will be five rounds.
There will be $14.50 training jumps out of the Otter the week prior to the competition for teams that are pre-registered and paid for. The Skyvan will be flying for the competition.
For more information contact Kama Mountz at Skydive Arizona at (520) 466-3753 or by email at and check our their web site at


Para-Performance Pro Tour 2002

Para-Performance Pro Blade Association announces an update of their web site with more pictures, training camp dates, seminars, overall rankings from 2001, current news, blade running info, factory challenge qualifications, etc.. To bring you up to date, the 2002 schedule will be coming out in January.  The tour is currently on schedule for five competition stops. These stops include:
PPPB Bladerunning (30 competitors) - Utah, USA
PPPB Intermediate Games (no pro events) - Perris Valley, USA
PPPB Rio "Factory Challenge" (16 competitors) - Rio, Brazil
PPPB World Championships - Perris Valley, USA
PPPB International Bladerunning event (24 competitors) - Europe
It's going to be another great year for high performance canopy pilots. Stay tuned and check our PPPB's web site at for more information.


Speed Skydiving World Cup 2002

The third season of speed skydiving is just starting, and in 2002 the International Speed Skydiving Tribe's 3rd World Cup puts once again its accent on great competitions for the experienced and new competitors. The ISST's goal is quality and security for all competitors. With seven competitions programmed this year we will see some great speed skydiving around the world.
Schedule 2002:
May, Skydive Deland, USA
July, TBA, England
July 26-28, Skydive Texel, Holland
August 9-11, Skydive Nuggets, Leutkirch, Germany
August 23-25 Skydive Pullout, Ravenna, Italy
September 14-16, Bottens, Switzerland
September 20-22, European Skydiving Center, Lapalisse, France
For more information check out and

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