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Airspeed Tunnel Camps
The Right Stuff for your Freefall Skills

No sports team in the universe has accomplished what Arizona Airspeed's formation skydivers have -- victories in almost every National and World competition since the founding of the team in 1994. Last year the team members decided to pass on their knowledge and experience to skydivers of all skill levels, and they chose to use a very effective training media to do so, the SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel (freefall skydiving simulator) in Orlando, Florida. The Airspeed Tunnel Camp was born.
The Tunnel Camp is the most efficient way to sharpen your individual flying skills and body awareness. Maximizing your time in the tunnel will allow you to isolate particular skills and train them with the repetitions that a minute of actual freefall doesn't allow.
Wind Tunnel training is rapidly changing sport skydiving for both new jumpers and experienced skydivers. Arizona Airspeed has spent a great deal of time training in the SkyVenture wind tunnel with skydivers from all over the world and again offers training camps throughout 2002. The Airspeed "Wind Tunnel Training Curriculum" is a formal but flexible approach to teaching those skydiving skills that most readily lend themselves to simulator training.

Sky Venture FloridaTunnel Training
All photos © 2002 George Wheeler

Airspeed offers a range of programs from their new pre-AFF program for non-jumpers or those stuck on student status, to their basic, advanced, and 4-way specific tunnel training programs. All of the time at the tunnel camp will be one on one with an Airspeed coach.
The new pre-AFF program seems to be very promising. They recently had a 15 year old in the camp with his father and this is what Alan Metni tells us about it: "It is just a blast working with new or low-time jumpers. Its great to see such rapid and dramatic skill development. The camper discussed above had never jumped before and by the end of the three day camp he was doing vertical transitions over his dad, 540 degree turns in place with his eyes closed, super-positioning, side slides and even some free-flying. He blew right through the pre-AFF training program and went all the way through the basic camp curriculum."

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