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Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!


idgraphics Skydive Pages

Canadian skydiver Karen Cox from "idgraphics" has put together a great web site with skydiving information from Canada and a few cool skydiving Flash movies. If you are into freeflying, her Flash freefly tutorial for beginners is a must! Watch the colorful animated freeflyers do their moves and learn the basics of new skills while you watch. And don't forget to order cool skydiving stickers or t-shirts before you leave this entertaining web site. Keep it coming, Karen!


idgarphics Skydive Pages

go there ...


Porno City Skydivers's not what you think! It's just a group of fun loving skydive whackos from Down Under. Porno City Skydivers are an Australian club that is "committed to skydiving without hassles from the fun police". As they state on their web site: "We currently operate where the beer is free or cheap, or wherever there is carnage. We're non-profit and purely for fun." Now...does that sound like a plan!?

go there ...

The club currently has around 50 members, but they are always on the lookout for new folks to come and join the chaos. Memberships are cheap and come with a personalized T-Shirt that can be mailed worldwide with a check/ credit card payment. If you are interested in joining or just want to chew the fat, check out their web site, where you can find Porno City photos, read the latest gossip and meet the members.


Scott Boston's Site

In March 2000 we published the story of a guy's "first two weekends at the dropzone"...and boy..did that guy sound determined! Now, almost two years later, Scott Boston from Texas is a skydiving junkie with 183 jumps under his belt and obviously the same enthusiasm [if not more] as at the beginning of his skydiving career.

Scott Boston's Site
    go there...

He also has put up a neat web site where you can watch videos about his first jump, his attempts to sitfly, his first headdown jumps and a few more. And don't forget to check out the photos and read the story about Scott's first reserve ride. A great site for those bad weather days when you crave for some online skydiving clips.

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