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Airspeed Tunnel Camps

(continued)  [All photos © 2002 George Wheeler]

Airspeed usually have one or two Pre-AFF students in each camp, and they have also had great success training skydivers who have become stuck on a particular level of AFF. Many get referred to them by their AFF instructors. In each such case, the student has returned to the sky and breezed right through the remaining levels of AFF.
The following are the dates of this years tunnel camps:

Camp #19 - January 3 - 5
Camp #20 - January 6 - 8
Camp #21 - March 7 - 9
Camp #22 - March 10 - 12
Camp #23 - April 11 - 13
Camp #24 - April 14 - 16
Camp #25 - May 30 - June 1
Camp #26 - June 2 - 4
Camp #27 - July 18 - 20
Camp #28 - July 21 - 23

Tunnel Training

Airspeed have changed the format of the advanced camp from 2 hours over four days to 1.5 hours over three days. This allows them to offer the advanced camp to run concurrently with every single basic camp listed above. Basically, if they have the demand, they will hold an advanced camp. They have also added a 4-way team training option. The descriptions for both are listed below.
Advanced Camps:
These Camps are designed to incorporate more flying in the same amount of time (50% more, to be exact). The material is not more difficult or "advanced" there is just more of it. The rhythm and pace of the day is a bit faster. For that reason, Advanced Camps are limited to those who have already attended an Airspeed Wind Tunnel Camp and are therefore already familiar with their system. As with any other camp, they will tailor your curriculum to your exact skill level.
In response to several requests to offer more Advanced Camps, they have implemented a new demand-based schedule for them. They will hold Advanced Camps during any Basic Camp in which they have four campers requesting it.

The 4-way Training Package:
Airspeed have recently developed a special wind tunnel training package for 4-way teams. The curriculum is modified to include both individual flying and 4-way specific material. The time/cost format is identical to the Advanced Camp above but also includes 3 additional daytime mini-lectures and 2 additional evening lectures on 4-Way specific topics. They will also endeavor to place the front-piece members of your team with a front-piece coach and back-piece members with a back-piece coach so that they can share their experience on the dynamics of each move in each slot. You need not have attended a Tunnel Camp in the past.

Tunnel Training

During the 4-way lectures they will do the team building work that will allow your team to train effectively and perform at its best. They will help you set individual and team goals, develop the systems to assist in open communication and efficient training draft a team mission statement, continuity plan, physical fitness plan, competition plan, and leadership plan. It is best to do this type of foundational work as close as possible to the time the team is first formed in order to get you off on the right foot.
For hundreds of photos from past camps and more information on costs, curriculum, payment options, and registration go to

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