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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!

      Index   [Updated: January 27, 2002]

  • Changes at Skydive Delmarva
  • Proposal for the FS Dive Pools
  • Toy Balloonist Breaks Record
  • News from The Ranch
  • AAD Mandatory Overseas
  • Become a Gear-Store Dealer
  • The Phyxius Project
  • New Software for Dropzones
  • Wireless Internet at Skydive Chicago
  • News Bytes
  • WFFC Filed a Lawsuit
  • News from the CSPA
  • News from ParaMag France
  • International Pink Parachute Club
  • News from Arizona Airspeed
  • Super Arava at Hinckley
  • Skydivers Awarded $600,000 for Collision
  • Two Deaf World Records
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!
  • Become a Gear-Store Dealer

    Start the new year with a new source of income. is now accepting applications from skydivers and dropzones who wish to become authorized Gear-Store dealers. Offer our whole range of products either from your dropzone or your website.
    Becoming an authorized dealer for is a great way to pay for those jump tickets at the weekend. We are looking for skydivers who can talk to there potential customers on their local DZ and guide them through choosing and buying their skydiving equipment and accessories. Take a look at how it works and what you have to gain at and sign up before someone else from your DZ does!

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    The Phyxius Project

    The Phyxius Project from Rim World Video in DeLand, Florida was made available on Thursday, January 10, 2002. Wes Rich, the company owner, announces that he has produced an instructional CD on how to construct a custom fitted camera helmet for any videographer wishing to build his own helmet. The CD has step-by-step instructions, tips, and over 100 photographs. "It opens in any web browser and allows the builders to print out the instructions or photos for any of the steps for easy reference no matter where they have set up their work area."
    Rim World Video also offers a Phyxius Project Construction Kit that includes the hinge, latches, construction plate and hardware shown in the CD. The Phyxius Project CD retails for $75.00 and is being offered to equipment dealers.
    At this time the construction kit will only be available through Rim World Video for $85.00. Rim World Video can be contacted at 1280 Biscayne Blvd. #6 in Deland, Florida 32724- 2165. For phone calls use (386) 738-0805 or email until the permanent web site is completed.
    Wes Rich also states, "Due to response from videographers who have inquired about the Cranial Camera Mount system I feel it is time to offer this CD. Many camera people cannot travel to Deland for the fitting and would like a way to construct one themselves. With ten years experience in building camera helmets, the CD has the up to date techniques that I use."

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    New Software for Dropzones

    Donald Gravelle of Sitara Computing designed a suite of software tools developed specifically for dropzones. The suite contains the centerpiece program for managing the manifest loads, which calculates the weight and balance figures for each load, weight and balance envelope for each plane, as well as the weight of each person and the weight of their rig. It clearly indicates if the load is within limits or not.
    The newest program to the suite is one for generating the required "Flight and Duty Time" report. Each operator is still required to be able to show how many hours a pilot has worked in the last seven days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 365 days. With this newest program, you note the date, the plane flown, the pilot and the total hours flown.
    To round out the suite, there is a program to be used by packers. Using this program, the packer notes whose parachute they packed, as well as pack type. This adds to the packer's account and subtracts from the customer's account. Optionally, you can have it keep track of which rig was packed. This is useful for tracking usage on tandem or student rigs. This application is available for both a Windows and for PalmPilots. For more information send a fax to 613-382-7476.

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    Wireless Internet at Skydive Chicago

    Kirk Smith of Skydive Chicago is now ready to put the gears in motion. This year for a mere $35 per month you can receive wireless internet on the grounds. Kirk is looking for anyone interested in this service because they can help get it going by buying a years for $199. Realistically he felt the season is 9 months so at $35 per month the year fee would be $315. So if you are interested in helping to get this high speed access going, your advanced payment to Kirk would do just that. For more information contact Kirk at

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    WFFC Filed a Lawsuit

    On Wednesday, December 12th, 2001, the organizers of the World Freefall Convention filed a lawsuit against the City of Quincy, Illinois. If you feel that you were mistreated, in any way, by any Quincy Police Officer during the 2001 convention, please contact them by email at Please make sure include your full name, address, phone number and a valid email address so that we can contact you. Help them defend our rights as skydivers!

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    News from the Canadian Sport Parachute Association

    2002 National Competitor Alert - Canopy Formation
    The rules pertaining to the judging of the canopy formation event have changed. Ground to air video will no longer be used in the 4 and 8-way events. Teams will be required to register a videograher with their team as air to air video judging will be used. 2-Way CF will still be judged with ground to air.
    2003 Para-Ski Nationals
    Potential hosts are reminded that the first closing date to host the 2003 Para-Ski Nationals in April 30, 2002. Written bids should be submitted to CSPA or the Chair. See the Hosting Manual for bid information and requirements.
    2003 Summer Nationals
    Due to the schedule of World Championships as set by the IPC, the CSPA 2003 summer Nationals will be a non-selection year (off-year) for all disciplines. As the turn out for a non-selection Nationals may be smaller, the 2003 hosting requirements have been modified to hopefully insure a CSPA summer nationals event.

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