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New Videos and Skydiving Stuff

     Index   [Updated: January 27, 2002]

  • Changes at Skydive Delmarva
  • Proposal for the FS Dive Pools
  • Toy Balloonist Breaks Record
  • News from The Ranch
  • AAD Mandatory Overseas
  • Become a Gear-Store Dealer
  • The Phyxius Project
  • New Software for Dropzones
  • Wireless Internet at Skydive Chicago
  • News Bytes
  • WFFC Filed a Lawsuit
  • News from the CSPA
  • News from ParaMag France
  • International Pink Parachute Club
  • News from Arizona Airspeed
  • Super Arava at Hinckley
  • Skydivers Awarded $600,000 for Collision
  • Two Deaf World Records
  • New Videos
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Wanted!
  • NEW STUFF in the skyXtreme ShopZone
    Check out skyXtreme's ShopZone and shop 'til you drop! Go and get great skydiving posters, books and videos. Shop for some cool glasses, Tevas and Vans, bags, clothing, camera accessories and more...

    skyXtreme ShopZone

    New Videos

    Joe Jenning's "Good Stuff" on DVD
    Joe Jennings released his video "Good Stuff" on DVD. The DVD is two hours long and it includes lots of additional "stuff". The cost is US $35.
    In the special feature "More Stuff" is Joe's commentary, some "behind the scenes" clips, two catching airplane stunts, including the one where they got three guys in freefall back into into the Porter over Arizona, some skydive mix clips with a variety of things like second camera angles of Joe flying camera with Airspeed, Rob Harris, the Boogieboarder, and Patrick de Gayardon. You can watch the "behind the scenes" segment about the "Wild California" IMAX movie where Joes carried an 85 pound IMAX camera to film skysurfing with Troy Hartman.
    Joe also included some of the commercials he shot over the years. They are great short stories with skydiving directed by clever storytellers. Then there's a "behind the scenes" segment on making a Ford truck commercial and Joe even put in a section with trailers to promote other skydiving movies by some of the jumpers Joe has come to know over the years. This DVD is a piece of art worth watching over and over again on rainy days. More on the DVD and an order form can be found at


    Pond Swooping Nationals 2001
    The Video from the Pond Swooping Nationals 2001 at The Ranch in Gardiner, NY, is now available. You can get your copies by ordering it online through the Pier web site at or by calling the store directly at 800-598-4003 or 845 255 2252. Marcus did a fantastic job on the video this year, its got lots of great swoops along with some really funny stuff !! The cost is $25 plus shipping. There is a discounted rate for all competitors, call the store for details.


    The Official WFFC 2001 Video
    The Official 2001 World Freefall Convention video from Martini Shot Films can be ordered now. Check out their website at If you experience any problems ordering through their site, send an email to You can also order the video through the WFFC by phone at 217-222-5867. Read a review in this months' Features.


    2nd German Freefly Festival
    A video of the 2nd German Freefly Festivel is now available in the online shop at The video costs 25,00 €, PAL version.


    Skydive Hutchinson's Skydive Archive 2001
    The video "Skydive Hutchinson's Skydive Archive 2001" is now for sale. Two hours of fantastic, fun, freaky videos from our northern buddies. Also includes the Bitchin' Balloon Boogie, NPSL Meet, Couch Freaks, Team Flew-id at Nationals, and The Pond Scum. Copies are selling fast! Get yours now! The cost are $30 each, shipping included. Contact


    2001 Best of Airspeed
    Arizona Airspeed put together a video with the best shots of 2001. It includes the following:

    • All of the blocks and randoms of the current dive pool shown both at terminal velocity and on the hill
    • Every exit from both, Tailgates and Otters
    • Every "Airspeed Vertical" round from the 2001 World Championships, 2001 World Games, 2000 World Cup and 2001 US Nationals
    • A bunch of just plain fast jumps
    • Excerpts from the recently televised Discovery Wings program
    • A bit of Airspeed base jumping video
    The tape is available in NTSC or PAL.  It runs approx. 75 minutes and costs $75 USD (plus shipping)  You can buy yours now at


    Just Your Average Freefly Video
    The Monkey Claw Freefly Production "Just Your Average Freefly Video" is now available at The Drop Shop at Skydive Sebastian in Florida. Cost US $25.


    How the West Was Fun
    Copies of the Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie Video 2001 "How the West Was Fun" are now available. Rob Lowe and Linny Colucci have done an outstanding job editing over 20 hours of raw footage from 41 different videographers. The production is a full hour of skydiving (flat & vertical), ground shots, beautiful scenery, mulitiple camera angles, and bar antics. "How the West Was Fun" captures the essence of the Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie experience. Order forms can be found at You can also order by phone at 888-833-5867. The price is $45.00 which includes shipping (North America).


    The Cross Keys 4 Point 106-way
    The Cross Keys 4 point 106-way video has been released. It's available for $35 US and $45 abroad. For a PAL version add $10. You can order a copy at Dig You Productions, 300 Dahlia Ave #5, Williamstown, NJ, 08094.


    The 2001 PPPB "Pro Cup"
    The 2001 Para-Performance Pro Blade "Pro Cup" video is now available through the PPPB website and Speedcurve productions. This digitally mastered video is over 21 minutes of extreme canopy swooping with the competitor in mind. If you like fast paced, heart thumping swooping clips, you might want to check out this video. The tape is selling for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping & handling. For more information log onto or contact Speedcurve productions at:, phone: 1.310.921.2220


    Pre Viewed Videos
    Tired of watching those old videos over and over again or just having them sit on the shelf collect dust? Now there's a solution! Send them to and they willl put them up for sale on our Pre Viewed Videos section.They go on sale at 75% of new retail (depending on the condition). When it sells theyemail you and you receive either 90% of the sale price credit toward a purchase at or 75% of the sale price in cash (they'll send you a check).
    So, what are you waiting for? Box up those old videos and send them to the Gear-Store with a note saying who you are, where you are, and what you're sending to them. Also let them know what kind of condition the videos are in so theycan adjust the price appropriately (for example if you have a Betamax copy of Wally Gubbins Goes Tropical that you've watched 700 times and your dog chewed the case, they're probably not going to get 75% of retail for it!)
    Contact:, 5121 8th Street, Zephyrhills, FL 33540

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    News from the Shop Zone

    NEW STUFF in the skyXtreme ShopZone
    Check out skyXtreme's ShopZone and shop 'til you drop! Go and get great skydiving posters, books and videos. Shop for some cool glasses, gifts, bags, clothing, outdoor items and more...

    skyXtreme ShopZone

    Action Man Sky Diver
    This one-foot-tall articulated "Action Man Sky Diver" comes equipped with a REAL working orange parachute that's ready to be packed and deployed repeatedly for playtime adventures. The chute delivers "Action Man" safely to the ground from a four-story drop! It also works when tossed into the air at a 45-degree angle. "Action Man" (bearing more than a passing resemblance to G.I. Joe) is definitely living up to his name. Always up for high-flying adventure, the skydiving "Action Man" swoops into hot spots, and is outfitted with nylon coveralls, mission boots, high-altitude goggles, oxygen mask and harness backpack.
    Get yours today at!

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    Action Man Sky Diver

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